All Red Electric Helps You Save Energy and Cut Electrical Costs

Registered RCSP Provider


Our Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program Certification Helps You Qualify for a Rebate of Up to 30% on Your Solar Project

The Alberta Residential and Commercial Solar Program (RCSP) offers rebates on solar PV units installed on residential and commercial buildings. This program is expected to reduce the cost of solar installations by up to 30% for residences, and up to 25% for businesses. By registering with ARCP, All Red Electric allows you to qualify for a rebate for the completion of a residential or commercial solar project.

LED Lights


We Install LED Lights to Make Your Lighting 60-70% More Energy Efficient and Save You Electrical Costs

LED lights are the most energy efficient type of lighting available. LEDs have an estimated energy efficiency of 80-90% making them much more efficient than traditional lightbulbs, which have an energy efficiency of 20%. Traditional lightbulbs lose 80% of their energy as heat while LEDs lose only 20%. This means that installing LEDs in your home or business not only makes your space more energy efficient, it will also cut the costs of your electricity bill.

LEDs Are Ecologically Friendly, Allowing You to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

LED lights are free of the harmful chemicals found in traditional fluorescent lightbulbs which are dangerous to the environment. LEDs will help you reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business, and they can be recycled to reduce material waste. With All Red Electric, you can easily do your part to help our planet.

LEDs Last 50 Times Longer Than Incandescent Bulbs – Only Replace Every 11 Years

Because LEDs produce digital light, they do not burn out in the same way as traditional lightbulbs. LEDs have an average life of 50,000 hours, which is approximately 50 times longer than an average incandescent bulb. With average use, LED bulbs are expected to last over 11 years, meaning less maintenance is required to keep your space well lit.

LEDs Can be Connected to Solar Energy Sources, Allowing You to Light Your Outdoor Space for Free

LEDs can be used with a low-voltage power supply or even connected to external solar energy sources. With LEDs, you can easily light any outdoor space while utilizing eco-friendly solar energy.

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