Your Safety is Our Top Priority

Safety Program and Policies Ensure All Projects Are Completed Safely

Each of our employees meets with our safety department for orientation prior to their first day of work, followed by annual company orientation. This orientation allows each employee to begin work with the same level of understanding regarding working safely. Safety skills that our employees learn include:

  • How to conduct a Task Hazard Assessment (JHA)
  • Daily Hazard Assessment
  • Understanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Rules of conduct and location of our corporate safety manual as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Manual

Foremen, Superintendents and managers take part in training and safety committees where emergency response planning, accident investigation, claims management, and rehabilitation/return to work programs become a part of our culture.

Compliance with Industry Standards and Legislative Requirements Eliminates Hazards, Injuries, and Damages

We believe that accidents don’t happen—they are caused. At All Red Electric Ltd., we promote strong safety culture at all levels of our organization. We prevent the hazards that cause accidents through our safe and clean work environment and management commitment to motivating and educating their employees to carry out their responsibilities while actively supporting incident and injury prevention.

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